Worldwide Destinations For Foodies

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Worldwide Destinations For Foodies

So, you’re a foodie. You have been exploring the world through cuisine for as long as you can remember. Now you need to narrow down your culinary dream destinations and actually go somewhere. But, where? Let’s try to narrow that down for you!



For starters, the Finnish claim to consume more cinnamon buns, Korvapuusti, and coffee than any other region in Europe. If that alone doesn’t have you booking a flight, you might want to investigate Juustoleipä, mustikkapiirakka, and Helsinki’s Michelin starred Restaurant OLO. A local guide can even take you on a tour of the hottest foodie spots.



You might be familiar with many of the Vietnamese street foods that have made their way throughout the world. A walking tour of Hanoi will have you indulging in the complex and varied combinations of fresh and stunning ingredients. You will want to find a stall with bun dau mam tom, pho gha, and bun cha. Of course, sitting street side, people watching, and enjoying the sights with a cup of Hanoi’s signature egg coffee is a must.



The only way to get a true insight into the local cuisine of Marrakech is with a local guide. The old city’s Jemma El Fna square is a charming, historical marketplace where you can find, like in Vietnam, the ever popular street food. Don’t miss out on B’stilla, a flaky layered pastry filled with meat, almonds, and spices. Stalls selling freshly squeezed orange juice from trees that line the streets around the square, and Ma’qooda, will give you an energy boost to continue your foodie exploration of the city.



In the heart of Andalusia, having the benefit of a local’s perspective is bound to have you sipping Alexandria Muscat, Tempranillo, Pere Ximen, and leisurely dining on tapas. The tapas bars throughout Málaga are notoriously cozy. As you get closer to the residents, the more you will learn about and enjoy such classic tapas dishes as fritura malagueña, tortilla de patatas, and boquerones en vinagre.



A trip to Portugal could not be considered complete without a visit to Porto, the city famously known for creating Port wine. A personal guide to this lovely city will lead you to the spots that offer the best of traditional Portuguese cuisine. Hopefully, you will have an opportunity on your visit to try more than one version of Tripas, Porto’s iconic stew dish.


The world is massive, and the culinary options are seemingly infinite. Once you have decided which country and cuisines you need to explore, the best way to get the most out of your travels is with a local guide. tourme can connect you with in-depth tours and local guides in the city of your choice. With tourme, you will never feel like an outsider again. Happy traveling!