How Traveling Solo Can Be A Life Changing Experience

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Anyone who has traveled can tell you that travel counts as one of the best things to cure what ails you. And traveling solo does that even more so. You might even be considering a solo trip. However, if you are, but are still on the fence about going it alone, here are five reasons why you should.


  1. Self-Knowledge

Sometimes, the best way to get to know yourself is by juxtaposition: Juxtaposition in this case places you against a backdrop that’s not your own. The responses that come up during these times say a lot about who you are. You never know how tied to your home culture you are until you are out of it.


  1. Out of Your Comfort Zone

As The Huffington Post explains, travel puts you in tough situations that show you exactly how far you can go.

It’s definitely a confidence booster when you know that you can handle what life throws at you. And you’ll become a better traveler to boot: You develop the skills that allow you to read people and situations.


  1. Easier to Plan

One of the upsides of traveling with friends is that you always have someone to share your memories with. One of the downsides is that you all have to agree on pretty much every facet of the trip to make it go smoothly.

That’s where traveling solo gives you an advantage, according to Fodors. You create your itinerary. You decide what you want to see and what you don’t. You decide when you stop and when you go. It’s all you.


  1. Budget

Traveling solo allows you to travel on a tighter budget than if you travel as a couple or as a group. If you’re budget-minded and adventurous at the same time, you can stay in youth hostels to save money. Meals can be just trail mix sometimes, and your backpack and tent can become your home-away-from-home.


  1. Getting Social

It’s easier when you travel in a group to stick to yourself. It’s not so easy when you’re traveling alone. When you travel alone, you open up the opportunity to meet other people. Sometimes, you really do have to talk to people. This develops your confidence and social skills in a way that few things can.


Some Touring Options

Just because you opt to travel alone doesn’t mean that you need to avoid travel amenities like tours. Tours allow you to see a portion of the city or country you’re visiting with a group for a small period of time.

Or if you’d still like to experience the advantage of having an experienced tour guide but without the group, look for companies like tourme. With this sort of setup, a local will show you around their neck of the woods, offering you insights that you wouldn’t get from traveling completely on your own.


Final Words

Whether it’s because you want a gap year or you just need a few weeks away to rejuvenate yourself, traveling solo can be one of the best things for you. Aside from helping you make friends in new places, it teaches you how to be self-reliant, clever, and even brave. And no matter how you slice it, those are skills you can take with you no matter where you go or what you do.