How to Make Your Travel Pictures Instagram Worthy

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If you wonder what makes some people’s photographs stand out on Instagram, you’re not alone. Cultivating a solid online presence takes skill, and it’s something worth knowing how to do because it can win over followers and directly promote you or your business effectively. If you plan on traveling a lot and want to share what you see in an authentic and interesting way, there are some things you can do to make your photos exceptional every time you shoot them.

Here are some ways to make your travel pictures Instagram worthy:



Schedule a tour so you see all the sights while traveling- tourme

  • Schedule a tour so you see all the sights while traveling. It’s easy to miss out on photo opportunities when there is so much to see, do, and experience while away from home. That’s where tourme comes into play. Schedule a tour in every city you travel to, so you can capture the beauty of an area through the lens on your camera.

Make the most of natural light.

  • Make the most of natural light. Use the sun as your guide. Try to document your trip during the Golden Hour as much as possible. This is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. You’ll see a beautiful golden glow cast over your subjects that bring the photos to life in a way that artificial lighting cannot.

Get in close.

  • Get in close. Some of the best shots require you to capture their details. Don’t be afraid to lean close to your subject to capture the freckles on their nose or the sprinkles on your ice cream cone. It’s these types of details that make the best storytelling photos. You get to direct the attention of your Instagram followers to what you think is important and picture-worthy.

Use the rule of thirds.

  • Use the rule of thirds. Divide the frame into nine equal parts. It should be three rows wide and three rows in height. Having the subject be somewhat off-center helps add visual interest to an image. Try not to place your focus on the dead center of the frame. Place the horizon on either the top or bottom line versus in the middle of the shot.

Focus on color and texture.

  • Focus on color and texture. Again, a photographer plays the role of storyteller with their camera. Decide what is important to share with your followers. For example, if you’re in a souk in Morocco and surrounded by colorful herbs and spices, make sure to capture them. If you want to show the intricacies of woven rugs or a pair of hammered earrings, photograph the texture of the pieces. People are curious as to how objects look, feel, taste, and sound. Do the hard work of visualizing these things for them. They’ll want to come back to your Instagram account repeatedly because of the way you paint a picture for them with your photographs.


Your pictures can easily be Instagram worthy with practice. Follow the tips listed above and you’ll have beautiful shots to share with your followers everywhere you go. You’ll make them want to travel more because of the beautiful narratives you tell with your camera.