10 Healthiest Gas Station Finds on Your Next Road Trip

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It’s summer! Road trip season has begun. Sticking to your health game can really come to halting stop when you’re on a road trip. We set out to find the top healthiest food options on the road. It’s easy to grab a red bull, twizzlers, and a bag of Doritos and call it a day, it’s a lot harder to grab something that has nutritional value, low sugar, and less calories. Eventually we figured it out, so here are our top choices for gas station goodies:

1.Unsalted almonds

These are a great choice, packed with protein and vitamins. You should try to still be mindful of how many you’re eating, check the serving size and go by that, they are definitely a high calorie snack.

healthy raw almonds in hand

2. Beef Jerky (turkey preferably)

Jerky is a great option when you’re in a bind. However, stick to turkey jerky if you have the choice, this will have a lot less fat than beef, also check sodium levels on them before buying.

3. Fruit

You know that sickly looking apple and banana sitting at the register? It doesn’t look great, but fruit is fruit. Try and pick the ripest guy and stick with the banana if you have the option, something about biting into an apple without being able to wash it freaks us out.

4.  Pop Chips

Pop chips are a newer brand we’ve found. The ingredients are minimal and the calories are low, which is good considering we’ve all been driving while mindlessly eating only to look down and see the entire bag gone. These chips ease that guilt.

5. Protein Bar

We’re not huge protein bar advocates, it’s a lot better to get protein from real food. But when you’re traveling it’s hard, so it’s one packaged food you can go for. Look for the package with the fewest ingredients and the lowest sugar content.

6. Dark Chocolate

80% cocoa or above if possible! If you have a sweet tooth it’s a great and satisfying option. Grab a bar and try to stick to small portions at a time. If they don’t have 80% just look for the highest percentage they do have, the higher it is the more antioxidants.

healthy dark chocolate

7. Greek Yogurt

A lot of gas stations are actually starting to have this option now. Scan to find their refrigerated section and look for plain greek yogurt, it has probiotics and vitamins your body will benefit from. You can get flavored too just really pay attention to how many grams of sugar are added.

8. Popcorn

We know, this doesn’t seem to fit in here, but popcorn we’re adding for its low calorie count. However, when it comes to sitting for hours and hours at a time you do have to pay attention to calories considering you’re not burning many. If they have Smart Pop go with them, if not not just grab plain popcorn or lightly salted.

9. Dried Fruit

We’ve been seeing dried fruit in gas stations too. Try to stay away from it in your day to day life because the sugar content is ridiculously high with most of them, fresh fruit is better. But they’re a great option to grab road tripping, they still have essential vitamins you need.

10. Water

It all comes back to water. Stay hydrated as much as possible, ESPECIALLY while traveling, which can easily dehydrate you. Make sure you always have it at your disposal. Take a water bottle with you to fill up whenever you can to save money.

Sticking with the healthiest food finds on your road trip can be tough, but once you do hit your destination you can reward yourself with one of Tourme’s incredible food tours like this one in Maine where you can actually make your own Whoopie Pie. Click here to search for your specific destination and see what we offer, there’s nothing like a local to show you the good eats!