Discover St. Pete

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Tucked away on Florida’s radiant gulf coast, just outside bustling Tampa Bay, discover the inviting town of St. Petersburg, Florida. Revel in all the sunshine city has to offer; from it’s fine powdered beaches and boat strewn marinas, to the charming cafes and vibrant nightlife of downtown. Break away from the chains and live like a local in this quaint yet thriving town.

The wicked winds of winter are fast approaching and the days are growing shorter. If you’re looking for a respite from the day-to-day, set your sights on beautiful St. Pete.

Coined the “Sunshine City” by locals, this Florida gulf-coast town boasts 361 days of sunshine a year on average. With all that vitamin D it’s no wonder the residents are such a friendly and welcoming bunch.

Stroll the old bricked streets and hop along the bars and cafes of Central Avenue, taking in the cozy neighborhood atmosphere. Let the live music that floods the air set the beat for your adventure as you bop along the pedestrian friendly streets.

After a mid-afternoon mimosa, head towards Beach Street and discover the weekend markets that line the marina. Wind through the temporary tent city and admire the hand-crafted trinkets, sparkling jewelry and other oddities or gape at the flamethrowers as you indulge in the local cuisine.

When you’ve had your fill, continue on a couple of blocks to the Museum of Fine Arts or take a tour out to the Dali Museum to see the largest collection of the surrealists’ famous works outside of the artist’s hometown in Spain.

Perfect your afternoon by drowning yourself in rays of sunlight while laying on the white powdered beaches. Pop in and out of small shops, browsing and people watching your way through the afternoon. Make sure you pick out the perfect spot to sit and bask in the breathtaking sunset you can only experience on the gulf coast of Florida.

Head back into town for dinner at one of the many affordable and accommodating restaurants along the main strip that buzz with clinking glasses and happy chatter as the sun begins to set over the city. Live like a local and never miss a beat in this hidden gem of the Florida gulf coast.