Best Places to Visit for Wine Lovers

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Best places to visit if you love wine

Burgundy. Champagne. Chardonnay. These count as just some of the wines you can experience when you take a tour of one of the world’s many wine regions. If you have your heart set on a tour, but don’t exactly know where to start, take a look at these five wineries.

Each offers excellent wines but are so different from one another in personality that even the quirkiest of wine lovers is sure to find the right wine tour, no matter where their wine taste buds take them.

rows of vines in napa valley


  1. Napa Valley

Those who want to experience wine culture but who can’t afford a deluxe European wine tour vacation can’t go wrong with a trip to Napa Valley, California. In fact, Cosmopolitan magazine calls Napa Valley a good place for the wine newbie.

There are plenty of wine tasting tours as well as places like Shed, a cafe and market that allows you to grab a bite and unwind after your tours conclude.

Napa Valley also happens to be a place you can visit all year, so if you have a tight vacation schedule at work, this might be the way to go. 


  1. Knocking Point in Walla Walla

Fans of the TV show Arrow certainly know about this little gem. Knocking Point Winery in Walla Walla, Washington was started by Arrow actor Stephen Amell along with pal Andrew Harding.

Fans of the show love the wine and coffee clubs, but die-hard wine fans don’t have to forego the winery experience just because they belong to the wine club. The winery offers wine tastings at its Walla Walla location.


  1. Baja, Mexico

According to, Mexico isn’t just for tequila and Dos XX lovers. Baja, with a climate that’s very similar to Napa Valley’s climate, makes an excellent winery stop-off South of the Border.

With sommeliers in places like the Hyatt Zivas Los Cabos, wine lovers can taste the best of the region’s wines in comfort and style.


  1. Burgundy, France

No mention of wine tours would be complete without a mention of France. But where to go, that is the question. Well, why not take Fodor’s advice and take a trip to Burgundy?

To make the most of this trip, Fodor’s recommends booking early and making reservations. Tasting rooms in this region are small and intimate, and those who plan early, get the grape.


  1. Tuscany, Italy

Who didn’t develop wanderlust after reading “Under the Tuscan Sun” by Frances Mayes? If you count yourself among those who fell in love with the idea visiting this region because of this book, you’ll want to expand on your love of Tuscany by putting its wineries on your bucket list.

In this beautiful, aromatic place, the chianti flows generously, romance grows on the flower buds, and the sun seems to be shining always. It’s definitely one of the best places ever to toast to new adventures and new friends.


The world is full of worthy wineries to visit, and this list features five of the best of them. All offer tasty wines, some have quirky personalities, and a few of them offer plenty of romance to boot.