The Best of Boston

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Boston is a living museum, whose streets whisper to its visitors the stories and secrets of a once budding nation. Bricked brownstones tower proudly and great metal structures rise against the pale sky, casting shadows on the streets below. Wind whips between the buildings, breathing life into to the hundreds of feet that pound the pavement like a drum, calling its soldiers into battle.


Boston was made for walking. Located in the historic North End District, let the Freedom trail lead you back in time. As if falling into the open pages of a history book you will retrace the steps of some of the most notable characters of the American Revolution. Begin at the doorsteps of Paul Revere’s home and follow the route which winds and weaves it’s way past 16 iconic destinations, each one a rich reminder of time gone by.


While at times Boston certainly seems like a museum, there is no denying the presence of the burgeoning art and nightlife scene that attracts the horde of students and researchers that call Boston and surrounding areas home. This youthful and academic energy accounts for nearly one third of the city’s population, leaving Boston on the cutting edge of culture and diversity. Join the Friday crowd and bar hop your way down Lansdowne Street and Brooklyn Avenue, enjoying the club culture of the city.


If nightlife isn’t your scene, the food and restaurant culture won’t disappoint. Though lovingly referred to as “Beantown”, these days baked beans are rarely the cuisine of choice for Bostonians. Instead, you’ll find them calling for another round of draft beer over a plate of oysters or indulging in catch-of-the day specials and fresh lobster rolls in one of the many bars and restaurants around town. An eclectic mix of historical taverns and modern gastro bars means there is something for everyone in one of America’s favorite midsize cities.


After taking in the local cuisine, catch a game at one of the many world-class stadiums littered around town. The cathedral of sporting venues, Fenway Park has been an American icon since the turn of the twentieth century and snapping a photo out front is a cliche but a must for any sports fan. Catch a Red Sox game if you can or take a tour and snap a pic on the diamond for a truly memorable experience.


Take in the sights and sounds of this historic city and join the modern movement. Boston has something for everyone and we have your insider trek.