5 Tours for the Experience of a Lifetime

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5 Tours for the Experience of a Lifetime

We have an abundance of life changing experiences for our travelers to pick from. From the adventure filled safari roads of Kenya to diving into the crystal clear freshwater cenotes in Tulum, we have you covered. Every now and then we like to highlight a few of our standout tours to give you a once in a lifetime experience.


Coffee and Hiking in Tanzania

coffee tour

But first, coffee. I think it’s safe to say coffee saves all of our lives every morning, there’s nothing quite like that first cup that literally touches your soul. Tanzania is a beautiful, diverse East African country that has everything from safari adventures to 5 star resorts on the beach. It is most known for Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. One of Tourme’s incredible Guides offers to take you on a unique learning experience to find out how coffee is made, right from the plant. Join Hendry on a short hike in beautiful Tanzania, ending with making your own coffee, roasting it over an open fire like the locals do. you couldn’t ask for better coffee to perk up your trip. 

Ston Gastro Tour in Croatia


How fresh is fresh fish? I can almost guarantee it’s not as fresh as you’ll get on this tour. Let these amazing Guides take you out on a fishing boat on the Adriatic Sea to help catch your own oysters. They’ll prepare them right there for you, letting you enjoy them right out of the net along with a perfect Croatian wine pairing. There’s nothing like eating oysters right out of the sea, drinking local wine, and enjoying the rocking of the boat in the middle of endless blue. Afterwards you’ll explore the history filled stone walls of Ston, a small fishing town with breathtaking coastlines.


Volcano and Haunted Hospital in Costa Rica

costa rica volcano tour

Seeking some serious thrills? From the meeting point in San Jose you will drive past multiple coffee plantations before embarking on your hike to the peak of the Irazu volcano, Costa Rica’s highest active volcano. Nestled at the top, experience the turquoise-green water crater as you take in the beauty surrounding you. Afterwards head down to the famous Finca Sanatorio Duran Hospital. This hospital opened in 1918 for tuberculosis and mentally ill patients. It was open for several decades and now serves as a kind of museum for tourists to explore. You are able to enter the building and see where the patients, ate, slept and maybe even run into a ghost…if you’re lucky. The hospital is known for ghost sightings and strange noises due to the deaths and physical sufferings of the patients there. 


Sun, Sea, Sand and Chardonnay in Australia

beach australia sunset tour

Who doesn’t want to dig their toes in the sand while sipping wine and watching the most breathtaking sunset? No one, that’s who. We can help you make that fantasy a reality with a beach hopping, wine tasting experience of a lifetime. You’ll be picked up and taken to 5 different incredible beaches in the tropical North Queensland. At the first beach you’ll receive an Aussie cheese platter, drinking in an empty stomach is not recommended, plus cheese is just good. On each beach you’ll be tasting local Australian wines ending at Yorkeys Knob Beach for that golden sunset, drink in hand.


Culture Tour in Curacao

curacao ostrich tour

The ultimate culture tour in Curacao to experience this beautiful island all in one tour. Start your day in the rainforest to reverse time into the lost cultures of Mesoamerica ancient symbols. Explore the caves, studying the symbols and see all of the wildlife that surrounds them. Next stop is to jump in a Jeep Safari to visit ostriches, hop out and feed them, get that selfie. Once you hit that golden picture you’ll head over to the Aloe Vera Plantation to learn about this plant’s holistic traits and have a chance to see how some of the purest aloe in the world is grown.